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A new post

Or is this a page. The word press mobile app is pretty good, but I have to make sure that my ionic app is just as good.

Open source

I need to remember that this app is probably open source and that I might be able to use that as a starting point to launch my ideas with.

  • Combine custom categories and forms!!!
  • Custom meta fields!
  • This is going to be awesome
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Angular Time

Its time to learn some Angular.  What can I demonstrate?  This could be fun.   We shall see!  But I Think that it will be.  And then I will want to integrate Angular into my wordpress pages. That will be weird.

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Ionic Deployed to iOS

The learning curve to make an Ionic app is high – there are so many things to learn.  I should retreat for a while and learn Angular.js properly.  Nahhh….  just learn as I go.


Also, I should search for Ionic and Arduino as I already saw a bluetooth serial example online somewhere.  Now THAT sounds interesting!

What else can we talk about in here?  How do inline breaks show up? Or inline pictures for that matter?  Will an embedded image just show up in here, with img tags? Or what? What gives?  Lets find out!

Look a hard case for a device

Perhaps other things, like centring will work out of the box as well.

Left Side Now


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OpenSource HTML5 Game Development

Its unfortunate I didn’t commit to finally making my own game, before the layoff money ran out. There was even 6 months in there that I had a Photoshop subscription, but such is no longer the case. I have had to make the move to OpenSource tools. Im now on a mission to establish a proper workflow for developing and deploying mobile and web based HTML5 games, using only completely free tools.

Unavoidable expenses will undoubtedly include an Apple Developer Membership, and web hosting fees. I have chosen to go with Phaser.js as the game engine and am expecting to use PhoneGap for deployment.   While I may use some tools that have professional version, (such as the Phaser Editor), I will not consider the use of any tool that doesn’t provide usable free features (TexturePacker and SpriteIlluminator are out)


Code Tools

  • Sublime

Game Editors

  • Phaser Editor – Scene editor and code generator.
  • Tiled – for creating TileMaps, which can be imported into Phaser Editor

Graphics and Animations

  • GIMP – instead of Photoshop
  • CrazyBump

Dynamic Lighting

Sprite Sheets + Texture Packing