Gogo Gobo

An OpenSource Arduino project, for DJs who love Jim Henson. This device connects to your DJ controller (or any device with a standard MIDI output port) and dances to the beat of your music. Various movements and patterns are controllable via MIDI messages .

Here is the plan:

  1. Collect Resources
  2. Create Basic App
    1. Create Basic App with screen, buttons and menu prompt
    2. Create Github repo
  3. Prototype Midi hardware with optocoupler
  4. Program midi code, basic bpm detect and some movement patterns
  5. Prototype mechanics
  6. Assemble / Test
  7. Extended control with Midi Messages from DJ controller
  8. Party

Recent Updates

Collect Resources

  • Traktor S8 DJ Controller
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Mega Servo Shield
  • 4 Servo motors
  • MIDI Shield


Create Basic App

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Gogo Gobo

Its May 26th, 2020, several months into lockdown. I have not done a ton in this time. Wasn’t really motivated I suppose. For my birthday I selected a bunch of ST:CCG boxes and started making decks again. I spent close to two weeks this month just working on decks and playing solo games, improving the loosing deck after each battle.

Last night I decided it was time to do something else, packed up all the cards (though my boxes have still not come – I have that to still look forward to.. but LATER) and started going through my recovery hard drive to relocate my lost lossless techno collection. I guess it just jogged some memories and some goals; After such an extended period of doing virtually nothing, I feel like tackling one of my long term goals: jump-dance Gobo-matron.

I have day dreamed about making a dancing Gobo Arduino powered invention thinger-ma-bop for a number of years now. So, Im just going to DO IT!

Lets see how long a prototype takes me. Annnnd Go Gogo Gobo!