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OpenSource HTML5 Game Development

Its unfortunate I didn’t commit to finally making my own game, before the layoff money ran out. There was even 6 months in there that I had a Photoshop subscription, but such is no longer the case. I have had to make the move to OpenSource tools. Im now on a mission to establish a proper workflow for developing and deploying mobile and web based HTML5 games, using only completely free tools.

Unavoidable expenses will undoubtedly include an Apple Developer Membership, and web hosting fees. I have chosen to go with Phaser.js as the game engine and am expecting to use PhoneGap for deployment.   While I may use some tools that have professional version, (such as the Phaser Editor), I will not consider the use of any tool that doesn’t provide usable free features (TexturePacker and SpriteIlluminator are out)


Code Tools

  • Sublime

Game Editors

  • Phaser Editor – Scene editor and code generator.
  • Tiled – for creating TileMaps, which can be imported into Phaser Editor

Graphics and Animations

  • GIMP – instead of Photoshop
  • CrazyBump

Dynamic Lighting

Sprite Sheets + Texture Packing