My favourite games of all time are StarCraft, CivilizationsV and Star Trek:Customizable Card Game! Though the game has been out of print for almost 20 years, The Continuing Committee maintains and develops the game to this day. Recently I joined the ST:CCG Facebook group and have been reinvigorated with enthusiasm concerning the game.


I was recently asked to post some of my decks. Here is one: My Dominion Deck.

ST:CCG Online

There was an online game at some point, but it died with Deciper; I never got to play it. Since I read the AI script in CivilizationsV, I have been day dreaming about making my own playable version, with an AI, so one could play games when not able to find a real life opponent (me living on a sparsely populated island). I have also read some call outs on the facebook group for someone to do this. Stay tuned for some experiments!

And now…