Gogo Gobo

An OpenSource Arduino project, for DJs who love Jim Henson. This device connects to your DJ controller (or any device with a standard MIDI output port) and dances to the beat of your music. Various movements and patterns are controllable via MIDI messages .

Here is the plan:

  1. Collect Resources
  2. Create Basic App
    1. Create Basic App with screen, buttons and menu prompt
    2. Create Github repo
  3. Prototype Midi hardware with optocoupler
  4. Program midi code, basic bpm detect and some movement patterns
  5. Prototype mechanics
  6. Assemble / Test
  7. Extended control with Midi Messages from DJ controller
  8. Party

Recent Updates

MIDI Shield Arrived

After a 6 week wait, the MIDI Shield I should have purchased years ago has finally arrived! I assembled it, but unfortunately it didn’t come with any pin connectors. I hope I have some stashed away somewhere. Though, considering I have to use this shield in conjunction with a Servo…

Gogo Gobo

Its May 26th, 2020, several months into lockdown. I have not done a ton in this time. Wasn’t really motivated I suppose. For my birthday I selected a bunch of ST:CCG boxes and started making decks again. I spent close to two weeks this month just working on decks and…

Collect Resources

  • Traktor S8 DJ Controller
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Mega Servo Shield
  • 4 Servo motors
  • MIDI Shield


Create Basic App