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Blue Robot

Ill spin this guy up again soon

Ooooo last checkpoint before Honour level 5 baby! You have to be good AND friendly to get the votes (compared to other people I know who are insanely good but keep getting their accounts banned for bad behaviour haha)

Normal Map Colour Palette

This is the colour pallet I found and have been using to hand paint the normal maps for my sprites (Phaser.js). Its a little tedious, but, what’cha gonna do!?

Kicking green monster

Control your thoughts

Londo Poster

Lighting bolt hitting a sailboat!

Happiness Chemicals

Azir is latest champ I have been practicing with. He is one of the most powerful in the game, but really hard to learn. I have heard it said he has the hardest learning curve in the game!

This is the profile icon I use on LoL. Its not actually Yuumi, its a cosplay Urgot skin.

I made it to checkpoint 2/3 in honour level 4!!

Whats going on here?

Normal Maps in Phaser

Ooooo! I started working on my isoland game again. Top of the list, after moving to Phaser 3, was to test out some lighting and normal maps. I might look into writing my own frag shader later, that would take into account the isometric z axis. For now though, Im…

MIDI Shield Arrived

After a 6 week wait, the MIDI Shield I should have purchased years ago has finally arrived! I assembled it, but unfortunately it didn’t come with any pin connectors. I hope I have some stashed away somewhere. Though, considering I have to use this shield in conjunction with a Servo…

Hubble Space Telescope


Cristo Redentor

Gogo Gobo

Its May 26th, 2020, several months into lockdown. I have not done a ton in this time. Wasn’t really motivated I suppose. For my birthday I selected a bunch of ST:CCG boxes and started making decks again. I spent close to two weeks this month just working on decks and…

One More Test

Before I try it live

Slices now!

There are many slices now!


Can See… Can post?

Can I still post?

Content and stuff? And even images?

A Doodle Sheet

Lets see what its got in store for us!

Testing testing

Always coding

Ehats going on

Posting to

Will it work on the first try?

Mobot Two

Woah, I just found and bounced an original concept, totally unpolished track, I wrote 10 years ago! Thats before I learned to DJ, before I fell in love with Raags and before I knew what side chaining and compression are! Mobot Two. Its quite terrible.

Objx Theme Support

The Objx Theme Support sidebar provides quick options for theme developers to tap into. Hiding the Title I often want to remove the title on certain pages, without too much fuss. So, I added the Hide Title option (metakey ‘objx_theme_no_title’), which you can use in your theme code. To get…

Objx Model Tokens, embedding dynamic data in your pages, without writing code.

Open source plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and xxxx are great for quickly creating and editing new objects types within the WordPress’s Admin interface. But how can we easily display those custom object types, without writing custom php theme code? Objx Model Tokens embed dynamic data into your page. There…

Extending the Scheduler Interface

Similar to WordPress’s Admin Tables, the Scheduler table is also extendable. Using the objxMobile_scheduler_attributes filter, we can add extra attributes to the table; Currently, only the extra aux_columns attribute is available). This code should go in your functions.php of your child theme. In this example, I add a new Column…

Hello world!

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