Ill spin this guy up again soon

Ooooo last checkpoint before Honour level 5 baby! You have to be good AND friendly to get the votes (compared to other people I know who are insanely good but keep getting their accounts banned for bad behaviour haha)

This is the colour pallet I found and have been using to hand paint the normal maps for my sprites (Phaser.js). Its a little tedious, but, what’cha gonna do!?

Kicking green monster

Control your thoughts

Londo Poster

Lighting bolt hitting a sailboat!

Happiness Chemicals

Azir is latest champ I have been practicing with. He is one of the most powerful in the game, but really hard to learn. I have heard it said he has the hardest learning curve in the game!

This is the profile icon I use on LoL. Its not actually Yuumi, its a cosplay Urgot skin.

I made it to checkpoint 2/3 in honour level 4!!

Whats going on here?

Ooooo! I started working on my isoland game again. Top of the list, after moving to Phaser 3, was to test out some lighting and normal maps. I might look into writing my own frag shader later, that would take into account the isometric z axis. For now though, Im very pleased with how easy it was to get working.

After a 6 week wait, the MIDI Shield I should have purchased years ago has finally arrived! I assembled it, but unfortunately it didn’t come with any pin connectors. I hope I have some stashed away somewhere. Though, considering I have to use this shield in conjunction with a Servo Shield, I doubt I will be able to stack it on top. We shall see!

Its May 26th, 2020, several months into lockdown. I have not done a ton in this time. Wasn’t really motivated I suppose. For my birthday I selected a bunch of ST:CCG boxes and started making decks again. I spent close to two weeks this month just working on decks and playing solo games, improving the loosing deck after each battle.

Last night I decided it was time to do something else, packed up all the cards (though my boxes have still not come – I have that to still look forward to.. but LATER) and started going through my recovery hard drive to relocate my lost lossless techno collection. I guess it just jogged some memories and some goals; After such an extended period of doing virtually nothing, I feel like tackling one of my long term goals: jump-dance Gobo-matron.

I have day dreamed about making a dancing Gobo Arduino powered invention thinger-ma-bop for a number of years now. So, Im just going to DO IT!

Lets see how long a prototype takes me. Annnnd Go Gogo Gobo!

Before I try it live

There are many slices now!

Can See… Can post?

Content and stuff? And even images?

Lets see what its got in store for us!